Enable AI on your Own Data.

Operationalise enterprise-grade AI solutions to hyper-power your enterprise efficiency. Get expert help in every step – From data cleansing and annotation to fine-tuning and deploying your models.

deep expertise on the ai infrastrucute

Novaneuron - Open AI GPT Consulting
Novaneuron - Claude Consulting
Novaneuron - LLaMa Consulting
Novaneuron - PaLM-2 Consulting
Novaneuron - Stable Diffusion Consulting
Novaneuron - Bard Consulting

End-to-end AI Implementation.


Data Curation and Cleansing

We help you cleanse, curate, annotate and QA your data to be used in your models. Get the best trainign data to your models.


Finetune and Deploy Private LLMs

We help you choose the best model for your usecase, test them, fine tune them and make them work for you!


Develop solutions for your use cases

Build applications on top of the models. From chatbots to deep integrations with internal systems.

Novaneuron Data Curation - In-house team for best quality data.

AI is what it learns. The Novaneuron team has deep expertise in preparing, anootating and testing your data to ensure the best data goes into your models. 

Private LLMs fine-tuned, deployed and maintained.

Get the best of two worlds – choose and deploy the best open source LLMs in your own premise, fine tune them for your own use case and use them for your own use cases. 

The best AI apps built on your data.

Get your AI to production with our world-class application development team. Build apps for your internal or external use. Chatbots, plaugins or deep integrations with your internal softwares. We build them all. 

Your Data. Endless Possibilities.

Our modern sales CRM frees you to maximize productivity, maintain pipeline visibility, and grow revenue, all inside one unified panel.

Customer Support

Build your automated Customer Support chatbot.

Automate Marketing

AUtomate marketing with Generative AI and your own data.

Productivity Tools

Create productivity tools for your internal workforce.

Enterprise Analytics

Better analytics and reporting on your enterprise data.

HR Process Automation

Automate HR processes with AI to save time and improve efficiency.

Research and Development

Put your R&D efforts on steroids with the power of generative AI.

Content Generation

Automate content generation for marketing, communications and messaging.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks and ensure compliance with regulations

Stay ahead of the AI growth curve.

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AI Consulting for enterprisises. Operationalise your data on LLMs and build tools.